Putting up our guard

We experience the measure of presence we are willing to jealously guard.  Bill Johnson

What we prioritize needs our protection.

image“For in Him we live and move and exist” as Act 17:28 reminds us.

When God brought us into the fold of His permanent embrace, things changed within us and about us.

We are now His, and welcome in His Presence at anytime.

He is with us in a way that we may have a hard time understanding in its fullness, but is true nonetheless.

We are in right standing with God.

And because of that reality, things are to change inside of us.

We have the greatest treasure the world will ever know…the love of God, and the sure hope of spending forever with Him.

And because of that reality, things have changed around us.

The enemy does not like it when we align with the One who is Holy, Mighty and the Ruler of all. And he will not stop trying every thing on his tool belt to distract and misdirect us from Him.

So we need to be on guard, Beloved, and put under guard the things that matter most to us.

My lead and associate pastors are married to one another, and raising their two children as they shepherd the flock God has entrusted to their care.  In their wisdom, God has given them the insight to keep the most important things their most important things, and fiercely guard them as such.

So did Jesus.

Jesus made the Father His priority before all.  He spent regular time in prayer and the Word, listening to His direction.

His best friend was John.  The one He entrusted His mother to when it was His time to die on the cross.

His next three closest friends were Peter, Andrew and James. Then came the rests of the disciples.

All of whom were invited to follow Him.  He chose the ones He allowed closest access to Him. And we are to do the same.

Now we know that Jesus maintained contact with his family, as the eldest son. But as He was single, His best friend was the one He spent the most time with after God.

If you are married, your spouse should fill that role as next important in your life after God.

I have not always walked this way in my marriage.  At times, I wandered away from my husband as my best friend, and sometimes so did he, I am thankful Holy Spirit brought wise role models to point out where we were unwisely prioritizing our time and energies.

We are rediscovering the joy of reconnecting and making us the priority after God in our marriage again.  Weekly date nights, chatting about the Word and what’s on our hearts, sharing the joys and pains as we live life together.

On purpose, by choice.

After God and my hubby, my kids are my priority,  As seasons ebb and flow, I adjust my time with them as they need me. However,  I always make sure I touch base with them regularly, and that they know they can always come to me to chat, hang out, pray or just be together.

Then come my parents, and my besties.

Only then does work and serving the needs of those outside of the sphere of my closest and dearest get prioritized.

The greatest treasures we will ever have this side of earth, apart from our relationship with God, will be with the people around us.

Not our jobs.  Not our salary.  Not our homes.  Not our social status.  Not how many folk follow us on social media.  Not fame.

In order to safeguard a treasure, we need to encircle it with the right protection, and be viligent in keeping it secure.

Your relationship with God needs to be kept your priority in your life.

Do whatever He leads you to in order to realign the correct balance of safeguarding your treasures from enemy plunder, from becoming shriveled up or dusty from lack of attention.

That may mean use of the word “no,” and restructuring your time and energy, as it did for me.

My “yes” now has to go through the filter of my priorities to see if it will line up with who I choose to spend the most of me with before I answer.

As painful as saying no may be for you, as you make your decisions as He leads, your yes will fall in the right places and your relationships, talents and giftedness will flourish as He blesses you.

Will you choose to put your guards in place?




Published by Karla Lees

sharing Hope on the hard days for the hurting, the broken and the lonely.

4 thoughts on “Putting up our guard

  1. Well, once again you are speaking to me! So very well put! I love how God speaks to us in so many different ways. Today He spoke to me through you. 🙂


  2. Great thoughts here. It’s so easy to say yes to too many things and then regret it later. Thinking through our priorities before answering is a much better way. Thanks for reminding us of who our priorities are. Blessings to you! I’m your neighbor at #IntentionalTuesday.

    Liked by 1 person

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