the Promise of You

The promise of You? It sleeps in the air, the air that I breathe and I know that it’s True.

– Edwin McCain

There are days when I awake and I am so filled with belief that God has the best ahead for me.

Then there are the days where I need remind myself of that truth.

The Promises of You, my promise keeper.

That’s why I love the Word.
And especially the Psalms.
In particular? Psalm 119.

Because it is chock full of reminders that God makes us promises, and plans on keeping them.

Let’s head through the verses of promise in Psalm 119, in the Passion translation.

I lay awake every night pondering Your promises to me. Psalm 119:148

Lord, I’m fading away. I’m discouraged and lying in the dust; Revive me by Your Word, just like You promised You would. Psalm 119:25

I’m consumed with longing for Your promises, so I ask, “When will they all come true?” Psalm 119:82

Redeem me and revive me, just like You promised You would. Psalm 119:154

Take my words to heart when I ask You, Lord; rescue me, just like You promised! Psalm 119:170

You promise us that we will be revived, refreshed, encouraged by Your Word!

Reassure me of Your promises, for I am Your Beloved; Your servant who bows before You! Psalm 119:38

May Your tender love overwhelm me, O Lord, for You are my Savior and You keep Your promises. Psalm 119:41

How sweet are Your living promises to me, sweeter than honey is Your revelation-light. Psalm 119:103

Your promises reassure me of Your love for me, Your sweetness and Your goodness.

Lord, never forget the promises You’ve made to me, for they are my hope and confidence. Psalm 119:49

In all my affliction I find great comfort in your promises, for they have kept me alive. Psalm 119:50

With all my heart I seek your favor; pour out Your grace on me, as You promised! Psalm 119:58

Send Your kind mercy-kiss to comfort me, Your servant, just like You promised You would! Psalm 119:76

Your promises comfort me wih Your truth and embrace me in Your grace.

Let me hear Your promise of blessing over my life; breaking me free from the proud oppressors. Psalm 119:122

As a lovesick lover I yearn for more of Your salvation and for Your virtuous promises! Psalm 119:123

Lord, strengthen my inner being by the promises of Your Word, so that I may live faithful and unashamed for You. Psalm 119:116

Prepare before me a path filled with Your promises, and don’t allow even one sin to have dominion over me. Psalm 119:133

My freedom comes as a direct result of Your promise, and is such a blessing given to us! You help us avoid the entanglements of sin, and free us from its grip.</em

Every one of Your promises has passed the test; that’s why I’m a lover of Your Word. Psalm 119:140

Your promises are the source of my bubbling joy; the revelation of Your Word thrills me, like one who has discovered hidden treasure. Psalm 119:162

You prove Yourself and your promises over and over, as I spend more and more time in Your Word, and Your Presence.

I could spend the rest of my life examining every single promise in Your Word, which I am going to endeavor to do.

I know deep within me that I will never find any evidence to disprove You as the keeper of Your Promises, for that would not be in keeping with Your character.

Who You are keeper of Your Word, for You are who You say You are.

For us.
Going ahead and preparing the way for us.

You are the One True Promise Keeper, and I choose to believe and trust in You even when I cannot see the next step up ahead.

And I will continue to spend time digging in to Your Word to rediscover who you are and the treasures which await me within.

Published by Karla Lees

sharing Hope on the hard days for the hurting, the broken and the lonely.

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