wrap around Me


Your Word reminds me

those who trust in You

are unshakeable as You are, (Psalm 125:1, TPT)

You alone are constant and unmovable, so I can stand firm and tall in Your Presence, strengthened by Your Might, covered by Your blood and soaked in Your grace .

You inform me

of the mind-blowing truth that

You surround me

with Your wrap-around Presence,

protecting me

now and forever. (Psalm 125:2, TPT)

I am always surrounded in and by You. There is nowhere I go where You are not there already, nowhere I could hide if I wanted to from Your sight, no step You are unaware of my taking.  And if Your wrap-around Presence and strength were not enough, You reassure me that You are my shield, my protector, my guard – in every moment, ever.

As Your Beloved and child, You not only strengthen me and wrap me with Yourself, You

let Your goodness be

given away to all Your godly lovers,

Your good people. (Psalm 125:4, TPT)

You not only love me as I am, You slather me with Your goodness, freely given to those who love You!  Your goodness changes me from within, and helps me become more like You as I allow it to mold and shape me.  

In Your Kingdom, I can stand firm,

In Your Presence, I am forever embraced.

In Your love, I am being made whole.

Just as the mountainssurround Jerusalem,

Published by Karla Lees

sharing Hope on the hard days for the hurting, the broken and the lonely.

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