A cracked pot on the Potter’s wheel

We all know how pottery is made. Raw clay is shaped on the wheel, carefully as the potter begins to mold it into what he/she believes is needed most in the moment.

But have you ever thought about it from the perspective of that clay?

All that wetting down, spinning around and around, being pulled one way and the next, a stylus scraping away a hard bit or two.

I feel that way on many days.


But I draw comfort from knowing that I am in the Potter’s hand, and He knows how He wants me to shaped to be of best use for His plans, but also to be the perfectly designed me He always had planned, whom He delighted in making.

And other times I feel it, like I am whole and complete.

But I know I am not there yet.

Because many days I know I am half baked, glazed over, leaking or badly cracked.

Gor sometimes when we think our shape is close to being finished, in reality its in need of smacking down and reshaping, because of those miniscule or ginormous cracks or flaws which wouldn’t hold up through the fires of life.

We can only make it through the fires up ahead when we allow ourselves to be shaped by His love, molded by His mercy, and glazed in His grace.

If you too have been fighting against His shaping, may I remind you what He reminded me this weekend.

We are safe in His hands.

His shaping isn’t meant to harm us but to strengthen us.

His love is for us, not against us.

His heart is always holding ours close.

Published by Karla Lees

sharing Hope on the hard days for the hurting, the broken and the lonely.

6 thoughts on “A cracked pot on the Potter’s wheel

  1. Yes, it so important to remember we are in His Hands and we are safe there…. and I also take comfort in the fact that we were made to be molded, so while my feelings might say I don’t want this, I was still made for the wetting down and molding process


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