When horrible things happen to the innocent, where do you go?


Even Jesus had hard days.

We know is true from His time spent in Gethsemane.

He fervently prayed for God to change what was up ahead, but if that wasn’t the case for God to change Him, strengthen Him so He could face it.

In accepting His lead, we need Him to help us follow at times when we struggle, don’t we?

This week, there had been more shootings, bombings, death, injustice and loss of lives due to exposure, hunger, broken hearts.

Hearing bad news is one thing, but seeing it takes it even deeper, laying a heavier weight of loss, despair on our shoulders.

Just as the enemy intends.

But not how God intends.

Because so many of us see the images of bad news via the Internet, social media or new shows, I decided to visually show you your options in God today.

God asks us to come to Him, and lay what is on our shoulders, hearts and minds before Him.

Just as Jesus did in Gethsemane.


His Word reminds us over and over how we aren’t to worry about our needs, for it He takes care of the needs of all the wild creatures and natural world throughout creation, why wouldn’t He do the same or greater for His Beloved child?! His Bride?!

Good Friday proved to us that sometimes the innocent may the price for the sins of others.

Jesus, the very God over all, loved all of us so much, He took our weights on His very person and offered up His life to set us free from their weight.

Sin, shame, loss, regret, faithlessness, rule breaking, lying, cheating…if you can think it or have done it, His love has covered it with the purest blood of all.

That of the only innocent one, ever.

We do not have to keep our eyes focused on the bad news around us. Where children turn and stab one another in school without warning. When a bomb decimates families forever. When innocent people get caught in the crossfire of guns. Where the plight of survivors stirs heartbreak within our core.

When you pile what is happening in the world around us on top of what is swirling within us, anxiety and fear tend to rise to the surface.

Where God waits, pointing out His costly wounds, welcoming arms and pouring out His sweet balm of love, hope and peace in an amazing exchange of life over death, love over heartbreak.

Our choice is always to turn to Him:

●Allow His Presence to bring the peace we long for.
●Breathe in the fresh breath of life He has awaiting us.
●Choose to lay our burdens before Him, and
●Decide to follow Him as He leads.

He poured Himself ALL out on the cross, holding nothing back as He BOUGHT your freedom, as His CHOSEN DAUGHTER or son.

All bought, chosen daughter.

All of you is now His, and matters to Him, because you so greatly mattered to Him that Jesus gave it ALL up for you.

So if the state of situations in the world is bringing tears to your eyes, let it also bring you to the foot of the cross.

Where all life was shown to matter to the One who not only gave us all life, but gave His life to show His complete and utterly besotted love for you, and I.

Published by Karla Lees

sharing Hope on the hard days for the hurting, the broken and the lonely.

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