The chilling whispers of despair
speak the loudest
when I lower my guard
& spend less time
with the One who matters most.

I stumble close
as I draw near,
You reach for me
whispering in my ear:
“Apple of My eye,
I missed you so.
But You know I never am far,
I am always where You are.
Beloved Daughter of my heart,
Nothing can keep us apart
As you stay by my side
through whatever may come,
I’m Your hiding place,
Your forever Home.”

The tears start to fall
while my heart becomes whole,
as the love and truth
fill the gaping hole
left behind by entertaining lies
intent only on my demise.

The truth of what
You’ve done for me
plays frame by frame
as the slideshow screen
in my mind shows
moments captured
over time, confirming &
proving Your Words as true


You gave Your ALL for me.
On that cross.
In Calvary.
Jesus died to set me free.
Rose again to victory.
Seated on high for all to see.

Because of what You did,
I matter. Because You decided I did, when…

You gave Your ALL for me.

When you buy a treasure at such a high-price, You keep a close eye on Your investment.

Because I matter so much to You, whatever matters to me, will ALL WAYS,  always matter to You.

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