stepping off the shores of fear into the flow of Your grace

My heart wants to cry out “May Day, May Day” in alarm as I gaze at the vast ocean ahead.

“How could You ask me to take this leap, Lord?”


“Can’t You see how high the waves are crashing, the steep depth of the waters, the swirl of the wind with every surge, the soaring heights of these cliffs?”

Don’t you know I love you, My daughter?” You gently whisper to me.

“Ummm, yes, Abba?!”

“Have you forgotten I want only the best for you, My love?”

Noooooooo, Lord.

So why are you looking at the landscape instead of My face? Why are you allowing fear to grip you instead of remaining tight in My embrace?”

Why indeed, God!

Too much of a good thing or too little of what we need most can shift us off kilter, ready to entertain the lying whispers of fear again.

So I calm myself and tune in to hear Your voice alone.

Come,My love.

Come, My love.

I begin to step towards the beach of His love and take some time to sit with Him there. I allow His love to sink deep, to permeate me within.

Once I know You want me to take the next step forward, I quietly but with His authority tell fear to get back behind me, and stay there.

Copy of Come,My love.

Come as you are.

Then, on the shores of Your mercy, I begin to peel off the layers I have put on in my lame attempts to try and keep myself hidden and comfortable,

You envelop me in the cloak of Your covering, after I washed myself clean in the shallow end.

Copy of Copy of Come,My love.

Come even deeper.

You invite me to come deeper into the flow of Your grace. To trust in You for my footing, and not be afraid of the water rising the deeper I go.  I go until I can barely hold my head above the water.

And then I hear the strangest request.

Head back to shore.

So I do.

Climb up the hills again.

So I do.

Not sure what is going on, I decide to let my mind take a back seat, and obey what I sense You are asking me to do, without trying to understand it.

When I get to the top, I am able to have a clearer glimpse of the height, depth, width and breadth of Your love, the completeness of Your mercy and the loveliness of floating in Your grace…. then I hear what would have given rise to sheer terror had He not lead me slowly along to this moment in time.

Copy of Copy of Come,My love. (1)

Come all the way in.

So I take the leap, keeping my eyes fixed on Your loving gaze as I do.

And You meet me there.

You grab me in a complete embrace as You wildly laugh at the look on my face.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Come,My love.

I will always come for you, My love.

I lean back, lay my head on His shoulders, and rest, as we float along together. You can’t stop looking at me and smiling, and I cannot tear my eyes from Yours.

I am finally all in, and all Yours. xo







Published by Karla Lees

sharing Hope on the hard days for the hurting, the broken and the lonely.

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