when the Spirit leads us on

I have been processing a lot of changes this past month, and have been drawing closer to God to ask for His comfort and wisdom through it all. Dealing with loss and change can leave us feeling unsettled when it all seems to happen over a short period of time.

An old song lyric by Michael W. Smith came to mind this morning, and with it the knowledge that it was time to write things down. I will be quoting the lyrics which spoke the most to me below…

A friend’s a friend forever if the Lord’s the Lord of them…


When we belong to the Body, we are always family, for we are all purchased by Jesus, adored & adopted by our Abba and connected by Holy Spirit.

God chose each of us. Not only because we make His Bride complete but because we each have a purpose that brings the Kingdom of Heaven down into the reality here on earth.

And that purpose some times requires us make hard changes as we leave the past behind and move on.

This will look different for each of us, as we follow where He leads. We may have to bury a loved one, forgive a past hurt, say goodbye to friends and family, switch jobs, move across the country, or more.  He knows where He wants us and the freedom He desires for us, and is the best one to guide us through the changes ahead.

A friend will not say ‘never’ cause the welcome will not end…

Copy of Copy of let yourrootsgrow deepin Him

A true friend or loved one is always glad to see you and makes you welcome. I believe this best represents the open arms God has for each of us, no matter how long its been since we last encountered Him. I have several friends that when we see each other after a long time apart, we pick up as if time never passes at all!  When friends relocate or drift over time, this can often be a painful part of the changes we face.

Though it’s hard to let you go in the Father’s hands we know that a lifetime’s not too long to live as friends.

Whether we are physically born/adopted into a family or choose to make friends family, family is always family.  

Copy of Copy of Copy of let yourrootsgrow deepin Him

Just because you don’t see or chat with each other regularly doesn’t mean the family ties are no longer there.  It just means you are more spread out than you were before, as each member follows where He is leading them.

And the best part of letting go of a loved one, whether into His arms now or as they move away?

We will have forever to celebrate being forever family when we are reunited in heaven!

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