its time to awaken, daughter of the King

God has been swirling about me, sweetly and tenderly awakening my first love again as it gently touches my heart and spirit, and speaks to me.

The invitation?

  • To come, be remade and unleashed with power and purpose into the world.
  • To know who you truly am, His Beloved.
  • To be a blessing wherever your feet may wander.
  • To bring the Kingdom of Heaven more fully here on earth.
  • To become the daughter He planned for you to be all along!

Holy Spirit is amplifying the intensity in His wooing of His daughters (and yes, His sons, but as I am a gal, I am going to address my fellow sisters today) and I think the reasons why are becoming clear.


God always increases His call when the enemy increases his attack.

For when we are smack in the middle of the battle, we can become overwhelmed in the volley of arrows, strained under the weight of our defense and caught up in the swirl of emotions stirred up as the adrenaline tapers off.

Daughter, lest we forget in the heat of battle, God continues to speak comfort, direction, life and love to us at all times, and in all circumstances.

We need to constantly focus on the truth: that although we are His warrior daughters, Jesus rides out into battle with us, our Father battles for us, and Holy Spirit guides us as we fight.

Copy of call

The battle belongs to God.

We are called to play our part, as part of His warriors.

This battle? It is really being fought because evil refuses to acknowledge God is good, and continues to skirmish over and over in its failures despite knowing the truth that Good will win the war.

Its not really about us, although the enemy hurts us because of God within us. Our enemy prefers to try to take us out as pawns on the chess board, without the ability to see the full picture of our true value, as God does. And we can lose sight of the reality when we become caught up in trying to attack and defend ourselves apart from Him.


Daughter, our obedience in the battle matters more than the blows we strike.

Because God Himself is fighting for us, and values us so highly He will never stop protecting us…

  • The cross is the banner which covers us.
  • His embrace is the shelter protecting us.
  • His might always fights for us.
  • His war cry shakes the heavens.
  • His song of love sings over His daughters 24/7.

He wants us to stay alert, just as the lionesses keep watch for their prides, but not focusing on the enemy.

God wants us to be alert for the promptings of Holy Spirit:

  • To only advance when He says so.
  • To link arms with our sisters as He leads us.
  • To strike only as He directs and empowers.
  • To stand our ground in His might.
  • To remain in His stronghold no matter what might try to tempt us to leave the safety of Home.

Daughter, it is time.

  • Cast of drowsiness of your slumber, and head for the throne room.
  • Allow God to rekindle your zeal for His kingdom, for His love, for the daughters who do not yet know their true identity.
  • Invite Him to transform you within through the ultimate makeover He has planned for you, where it matters most.
  • Then gather with your sisters and go out as He leads to spread the good news.

Its time to arise and step into Kingdom life, lioness, as you become fiercely devoted to your King, love up on your pride, support your sisters, and stand your piece of Kingdom ground, through His strength and might!

lioness arise




Published by Karla Lees

sharing Hope on the hard days for the hurting, the broken and the lonely.

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