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Guard your heart out there. All are love-worthy. Not all are trustworthy. Authenticity with all. Transparency with most. Intimacy with some. – Beth Moore

Guard your heart out there. All are love-worthy. Not all are trustworthy. Authenticity with all. Transparency with most. Intimac

Loving people can be rocky when we naively make attachments with blinders on.

Copy of Guard your heart out there. All are love-worthy. Not all are trustworthy. Authenticity with all. Transparency with most.

We are to show His love to all people. Jesus is clear that He died for all, as He deemed us all worthy of His love (John 3:16).

But not all people can be trusted with our hearts, as Jesus also knew full well.

Jesus revealed Himself as Messiah everywhere He went, not only through His actions but also in the temple. Jesus stayed authentic, no matter what.

His authenticity and transparency threatened, scared and frustrated the heads of the temple and the rulers over Israel.

He revealed who He was, without the full agenda, to the public at large.

Jesus chose to reveal His plans in more detail to those He called and chose to follow Him.

His group of friends included a few hot heads (John, James brother of Jude), a liar & thief (Judas), a doubter (Thomas), two  zealot (Jude, Simon the Zealot), a skeptics (Nathanael), a tax collector (Matthew), a denier (Simon Peter) and some women, including Mary Magdalene, a woman who had previously been delivered of several spirits, and likely Simon Peter’s wife.

At the same time, Peter, Andrew, James & John were the four He was tightest with as friends. He spent extra time with them, and revealed more of His heart and plan for the world to them.

There were only three He was the closest with, but not whom you may think…

His closest friend on earth was John. The one He asked to take care of His mother while on the cross, something we usually only ask those we consider family,

His closest loved ones, before all other, were His Father and Holy Spirit.  He withdrew to regularly spend time with them, and lived in alignment with their united purpose.

Jesus came to right the wrongs done by the enemy towards humanity, and humanity’s sins against each other.


The Living Word came to not only remind us of His words of love, but to show and empower us to live and love the right way.

He knew that our hearts take a beating when we don’t ask for His discernment on who we are to let closest to us.

Author Danny Silk practically discusses this in his book, Keep Your Love On.  We are to be the most intimate with God, completely transparent and open. After that relationship, we are to share our heart with one person closest to us while on earth: your spouse if married, your bestie if not. Then, your kids, parents, extended family. Then, your closest friends. Then, your coworkers, church, acquaintances, strangers.

Copy of direction

Not everyone is to get the same access to you.

Because God knows the human heart better than any of us here on earth can imagine….

  • He knows that those who know us best will be able to show greater grace and love, despite seeing  some of our quirks and worst behaviors.
  • He knows that people who don’t have our best interests at heart will take things out of context, wound us through proximity without second thought when close relationship and love are not the primary ties which bind us.
  • He knows that investing and committing to relationship strengthens our love and created deeper connection.

heart priorities out of whack

If  you sense your heart priorities are out of whack, spend some time with Him.

  • Allow your Abba to show you where He wants you to best invest your love, who needs more of your attention to improve your relationship.
  • Ask Jesus to break off the heart ties you should not have made, set you free from them and put boundaries in place to keep your heart navigating where God desires you to the most.
  • Invite Holy Spirit to regularly catch your attention when you are about to slip up, or to warn you if someone is trying to bypass your boundaries.  Ask Holy Spirit to show you what a hurting heart is really saying, and to guide you to respond accordingly.

Copy of heart priorities out of whack

 The one who made your heart is best able to help you navigate heart matters. Entrust heart to Him so He can help you do so!


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