Taking the road less travelled… part one

Most of us have very full schedules. Between family, work, volunteering, driving the kids to their activities/jobs, holidays and hobbies…there isn’t a great deal of room for margin. White space. Room to focus on what matters most.

While I was away, I realized that I had become busier than ever intended…in a slow creeping pace moving so sneakily I didn’t notice until I went on vacation last week.

I purposefully booked in time for myself while I was away. Time to get some writing and posting done, but also time to listen and download what I felt Holy Spirit wanted me to hear. 

Now, I will say having a full schedule is not a bad thing…when it is filled the way He intends for it to be filled.

I heard a few things that surprised me, a couple that delighted me, and a few that tried to amp up my fear factor.

my Abba loves me

There is nothing I can do which will make my Abba love me any more or any less.

Its okay to let go when it's time to move on.

I am not responsible for how other people respond to my decisions, they are.

God can reignite a slumbering dream into full flame again in a split second.

Jesus took my sin on the cross. All of it, all at once, for all time.

So as I headed back into my old routine, it became very apparent to me that I am not the same person I was before my vacation.

Encountering God leaves visible changes.

I don’t quite know what is ahead for me in a few areas of my life, for there are some much needed changes coming soon.

But do you know how I know I am changed?

The idea of change isn’t stressing me out like it used to…no worrying or anxious thoughts are clamoring to get my attention. And I have a peace which passes my understanding.

Continued tomorrow in part two….

One thought on “Taking the road less travelled… part one

  1. Can’t wait to read part 2. Change is a no stresser. I love that. I feel myself at a similar crossroads. Going all in and not knowing what’s going to come, but trusting that it’s God’s mighty way of living the light out through me. Hugs.

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