Come hide in the secret place – walk with Me 

I was overwhelmed for a moment the other day when I received an unexpected package in the mail.

The enclosed items are all lovely and I will use them all with great enjoyment.

The card that accompanied the gifts? That was the real two part gift to my heart.

  1. It used words to share blessing.
  2. It used the Word to enforce the blessing.

My primary love language is words. All I love to do involves words. Written, shared, crafted, spoken, sung or read.

So to receive not only words of love and affirmation, but a Word which emphasised a part of who I am which I had just reconnected with while on sabbatical? I was blessed!

His timing is always set for our blessing.

His timing is always set for our blessing.

What was that Word, you may be asking? Isaiah 45:3….

And here is a touch of the revelation which I have been unpacking from it ever since….

I am ready to give you hidden treasures, a new depth of revelation into my heart and my Kingdom. Riches stored in the secret places close to Me, found only in My Presence.

Because the more you come to know Me, the more you will come to be known.

For who you really are is revealed to you in the secret place.

The name I have always intended for you was wrought then when I handcrafted you there.

When you enter My embrace, and hide yourself in My Presence, you become more the you I designed you to be.

hide in My presence quote

I am excited to share that I am beginning to work on a larger piece of writing.  An invitation to come. How that looks has been roughly outlined on paper…and so the beginning of my baby yet to be has been sparked. I look forward to walking with you through that process here on my blog!

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sharing Hope on the hard days for the hurting, the broken and the lonely.

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