awakening hope


There is a song that has not been far from my heart and mind for the past several months. Its not a current song, but the message it contains continues to sweep over my soul with the strong current of the Spirit.

Hope’s Anthem by Bethel Music.

It awakens hope within me every time I sing it.

It deeply touches me when I hear it, but when I proclaim it to be true?

Hope arises.

I have taken several leaps of faith recently as I let go of the lie that I am in control of my future and begin to follow His direction to the destiny He has for me to live out.

Its not been comfortable.

Its not been well received.

Its not been understood by all, let alone myself.

And I can’t yet fully put into words what exactly is this call He is stirring up within me.

I just know that I now have a Hope which anchors me through the storms, a Love I never believed possible, a Heart for the lost & broken, a Hunger & Thirst for His kingdom, and a Home in His forever embrace.


I find myself every increasingly moving with His Spirit, and seeing changes in myself I never believed possible…

  • I am able to stand because He empowers me to remain upright as I walk with Him.
  • I am able to speak as He shapes the words through me.
  • I am able to sing as He stirs my soul to celebration, proclamation, declaring freedom and new life.
  • I am able to love and forgive those who choose to hurt me, dismiss me, ignore me and refuse to hear me.

For Hope in me releases a joy beyond description, apart from any circumstance, which can no longer be contained:


I am my Beloved’s and He is mine.

  • I will continue to let Hope arise within me, and do the work through me which He designed me to do, back when He shaped me in the secret place.
  • I will determine to keep my eyes fixed on the anchor of my faith, the Hope who lives within me, and who will never let me go, and not let any situation block my view of His face.
  • I will purpose to spend time with Him, in His Word, at His feet, resting in who He is, and embracing who He desires for me to become.
  • I say “Yes, Lord” as I choose to let Hope have His way with me again today, and every day, as long as I live and love.

Let Hope arise.

Published by Karla Lees

sharing Hope on the hard days for the hurting, the broken and the lonely.

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