On the days when miscommunication attempts to steal my peace, You take such tender care of my heart by bringing Your truth back to my mind.

Today is one of these days.

I have been taking a longer time off between blogging over the past month as new routines are becoming established, work shifts change with deadlines coming and going.

God has been the only constant through it all.

Honestly….some days I don’t want to say another word to anyone out of concern I am gonna blow. Although usually decades pass in between these volcanic bursts, when they happen I am always afraid that whomever I am directing my anger at may no longer be in relationship with me at the end of such a storm.

Then God reminded me a few things as He redirected my attention to Jude 2 today.

  1. No matter who I am or what I have done, because I accepted Jesus, I am “loved by God the Father, called and kept safe by Jesus Christ” (Jude 2:1)  That means I can be completely honest and pour my heart and genuine thoughts out before Him. Jesus was angry on occasion, and it didn’t seem to make the Father want to correct Him for it when Jesus spoke out against injustice….so I can be save in our relationship to speak my mind. All of it. And know that He hears me, knows where I am coming from, and loves me through the storm of my current emotions.
  2. I have a part to play, which I will expand on now, once I have given my burdens and concerns over to God….

First, I am to “Relax, everything’s going to be all right…”

I am to let go and relax once I have handed things off to God, and remember that blessings are His ultimate gift to His kids.  In the long run, everything will be all right!


Next, I am to “Rest, everything’s coming together…”

After I relax and let go, I am to rest in the truth that He holds all things together and all things will be ultimately for my good, in His timing. I can trust Him that the pieces will all fit and come together when I seek His ways and His Kingdom first.


Then, I am to “Open my heart, love is on the way!”

Once I have relaxed my grip and rested in Him, I am then to open my heart and prepare myself for His arrival into the situation.  He promises He will never leave us alone nor abandon us, so I can hold tight to the promise He is with me. 


Love always comes running to their beloved’s rescue!

When God is your constant companion, you have to beware the tendency to forget He is always with you.  He will always come to your rescue, because you are a part of Him and He wants the best for you, His Beloved.

Thank You, Holy Spirit, for  our constancy in an ever changing world and Your ever perfectly timed reminders… 

  • That the wisdom I seek will always stem from You.
  • That my every need will be met by You, my Provider
  • That the love I have always longed for was intended to be found in Yours
  • That I will increasingly become the me You designed for me to be the more I spend time with You and allow You to shape, refine and guide me

One thought on “constant companionship

  1. Marianne says:

    Waiting for my pieces to fit in the puzzle. Thank you for your timely words

    Liked by 1 person

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