These past several weeks have been a time of intense listening and discerning for me as I took a breather from writing to rest in His embrace.  What I have been hearing and discerning has been changing me from the inside out, and its now time to share some of these life changing words with all of you….

Its time to awaken, Beloved.

I know how hard it is for you to let go and let Me lead you when the crazy seasons hit.

When friends grow silent, where unexpected bills pile high,  with bad news highlighted each night in the media.

But you are meant for more than just surviving this world you are a part of.


You are made to awaken and make a difference, right where you are.

  • Your child may be the key to leading a critically positioned person to Me.
  • Your coworker may invent something which makes life better for those who are suffering.
  • Your neighbor could be the voice your neighborhood needs to hear when times get tough.
  • Your song may be used to break the chains of oppression and usher in freedom in the church you attend.
  • Your spouse may be able to stand firm against injustice because you are in their corner, backing them up in prayer.

I know how hard it is for you to let go and trust Me to mean what I say.

And as My Beloved, you are necessary in so many small important day-to-day ways.

Your smile at your barista getting your coffee, your waitress over a meal, or the sales person for your purchase at the mall reminds them there is always a purpose in a job well done.

Your helping hand in the community, whether in person or by donation, reassures that everyone matters.

I see you when all you want to do is hide your head under your pillow in lieu of facing the new day.

I know you think when you are really upset that if you weren’t around, it wouldn’t really matter; how your little part is insignificant in the big picture of the world.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

There is only ever going to be one of you.

Only you are meant for your life in this moment in time.

You matter to me more than I could express in mere words, so I sent Jesus to you to show you firsthand just how much I love you.

Only you can express like you, act like you, love like you, bless like you, be you.

Its time to let the past stay back there in your history.

Its time to leave your hurts buried in the cemetery at the foot of the cross.


Allow Me:

  • to rekindle your passion for Me.
  • to reignite your purpose.
  • to reassure your heart with My love for you

Its time to awaken, Beloved, to all I have for you to be.

My child, My Bride, first and foremost.

Through our relationship, let all else be filtered.

Let your fears – of failure, of not being enough, of being insignificant – ebb away as My love floods your heart, mind, spirit and body.

Let your confidence and strength be grounded in Mine, for I know together we can do it as My strength is more than enough for all your needs.

Its time to awaken, Beloved, to be all you are meant to be where you are, right now.

Come away with Me, and let Me remind you who you are to Me and who I designed you to be.  






2 thoughts on “its time

  1. whitneyibeblog says:

    Thank you Hopeinhispresence for this. It spoke to me and all am going through. Its time to be happy,free,to shine and affect lifes. God bless you and more Grace to do more.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for stopping by Whitney, glad you were blessed!


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