We are in the hard period where we are praying for our aging pet who isn’t doing so well. We love her dearly, and are struggling with our emotions about the idea of having to let her go on to heaven.

Her name is Hope.

The timing of this piece of mine below, which I wrote 18 months ago for @remadecommunity  coming back in my FB newsfeed this morning? This is just one example of His perfect and often wonderous timing in my life.

I too choose to wait with and in Hope again today!

I wait in hope for Your salvation, God. Genesis 49:18 (MSG)

As a parent, I love to speak blessings to my children.  Because let’s face it, I speak more warnings and correcting on a day to day basis then I do blessings. .

Jacob, father of the 12 boys for whom God named the 12 tribes of Israel, is a parent I can relate to. He made mistakes, didn’t offer enough praise, and played favorites when it suited him. .

Still God used him.

Not only did God redeem Jacob’s family from all its failures and family drama on an epic scale, but He redeemed an entire people through him!

Close to the end of his days, Jacob called his boys to his side to speak what is usually blessings upon his sons (Genesis 49:1-28). Instead Jacob said what He really thought, pointing out most of their flaws interspersed with blessing. 

Today’s verse from Genesis 49:18, stuck out to me like a sore thumb for many years, because it seemingly didn’t make sense. Until I took a step back and saw it in context of the whole of Jacob’s life.

Jacob spoke this verse with the belief and trust that the same God who brought good out of his life would do so for his sons. He spoke out hope for God to save them from themselves, knowing that God could do so.

His hope was not found in his sons, but the God who would move through them!

This piece was originally posted over at Remade: http://www.remadecommunity.org/i-wait-in-hope/

#lostinwonder #Histiming #myhopeisinYou

(PS. Pic is by Remade Community)

2 thoughts on “​Lost in wonder…His timing

  1. Prayers for you all in this time. I just wrote a lengthy piece dedicated to my best pal, Jack who went on to be with Jesus just yesterday. All I can say is, there has to be purpose in pain because God is good. I hope no matter what, this season brings good memories and blessed days and time spent with our Father, friend. xoxoxo


    1. Amen, Meg! Appreciate your prayers 🙂


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