From the moment I conceived of you, My heart began to beat for you.

You have been loved since your beginning.

You are loved every moment, and each micro nanosecond inbetween.

You will be loved as long as I live, which is forever.

That jolt of love you feel in the moment when you first hold your loved one in your arms? That originated from My love.

That whirlwind which overtakes your heart when you are proud of your loved one‘s achievement? I take it even further.

I have your name tattoed on My hands, because My love carries a permanent reminder of you wherever I go.

You are My chosen love. 

The one I chose as I thought you into being.

The one I choose each and every new day we have together while you are on earth.

The one I will always choose to welcome in to My home as I eternally continue expressing that same love for you in heaven.

You need never doubt My love, Beloved.

Not only have I cleared the way for you to come to Me through putting on flesh, sinew, bone and skin as Jesus, tangible God with us…. but I also empower you through Holy Spirit so that you can experience My love firsthand.

You should never be left wondering if I love you. My Word is quite clear of the extent I have done, do and will do to make you aware of that truth.

My invitation is for you to always know My love in your heart and mind, and experience it the rest of your days, here and yet to come.

#lostinwonder #howHelovesus #foreverchosen #eternallyloved

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