​Some days are harder than others. 

I just wanted to remind you all that its okay to be sad. Happy. Angry. 

Feelings tell us how we are in a moment, but don’t have the right to take over – unless we allow it.

Be real, but keep it in perspective. 

You may miss someone with extreme grief right now, that ten years from now you will still always miss in that place they will always occupy in your heart….but the pain will not feel the same.

Tonight, we are taking our beloved cat of 14 years in to the vet, and let her go as we release her back to Her Maker to live forever in heaven.

Let me tell you, the tears are flowing in our family. Our hearts are hurting. Our home will feel and be changed tonight.

We may get a new pet or two, but they will never replace the spot Hope has reserved for her in each of our hearts.

She has been the first one to rise and greet me in each morning, my comfy blanket sofa co-snuggler, the purr which always comfortably ran in the background.

She always rushed to the front door to welcome us home, and seemed to know when one of us need to pet her when sick or sad.

She was one of the best gifts God has given us, and opened my heart up to the reality of miracles.

I am going to miss her dreadfully. My whole family will. 

I am giving myself permission to fully feel our loss tonight, and thank God for the gift He gave us of such wonderfull Hope.

And I can rest in knowing that each of my tears matters to God, so much so He collects them and comforts me through them.

#lostinwonder #bereal #lettinggo

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