In the early 80s, amidst the crowds on the waterfront of Toronto jostling to check out the Tall Ships was a lost young girl. In the blink of an eye, she lost sight of her family as far as she could see. Just over an hour later, she was reunited with her loved ones.
That little girl was me.

Flash forward to the Eaton Centre this summer, and my hubby got separated from the rest of us. And for a few hours, my heart raced through a roller coaster of emotions – panic, worry, anger, loss – before I caught sight of the one I love.

And somehow, these two moments in my life merged into a message God wanted to reveal to me….

He loves finding us where we are at.

But we need to decide to be found in order to become found in Him.

Just as the Father in Luke 15:11-32 kept a constant watch on the road home looking for his prodigal, so does God.

But when his wandering son finally came home, the Father didn’t just greet him. He ran to meet him on the road, embraced him, reestablished him as his son, lavished affection and new clothing upon him, fed him and threw a party to celebrate his return home. His love, restoring relafionship was first and foremost on his heart and behind his actions.

The son? He became found – he became who he really was and who his father saw him as – when he headed Home.

I get a thrill of wonderous hope each time I hear the message about how being found is God’s design!

  • All we can be is found in Him. 
  • All our blessings flow from Him. 
  • All our hope rests in Him. 
  • All our found-ness is intertwined and revealed in and by His Presence.

It’s time to be found, prodigal.

It’s time to become who He desires you to be, wanderer.

Come be found in Him!

#lostinwonder #becomingfound #foundinYou

Published by Karla Lees

sharing Hope on the hard days for the hurting, the broken and the lonely.

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