When the road seems so long without the end in sight, waiting can appear to be without purpose.

As I mentioned yesterday, my part of the Christmas story comes at the end of Jesus’ presentation at the temple.

After Simeon has blessed Jesus. 

In this culture which is predominently patriarchal, God once again highlights a woman’s part in this fascinating story of His physical entrance into this world.

A woman named Anna.

Not just any woman either.

There are five key aspects to Anna to notice in Luke 2:36-38:

  1. She was a prophetess
  2. She was in her 80s.
  3. She had been a widow for a very long time
  4. She lived at the temple.
  5. She fasted, prayed and worshipped God day and night.

Anna stayed at the temple in wait, for decades, before getting a glimpse of her Messiah.

While she waited, she pressed in to His Presence. And God met her where she was at – in her wait.

I find it fascinating that once Anna had met Jesus, the Word mentions how she couldn’t stop speaking about Him to all she encountered.

And all that time spent waiting wasn’t worthless but the purposeful laying the very foundation she would need, as a prophetess and widow in her older years, in order to reach His people with the good news.

While we willingly wait, He purposefully shapes.

These three short verses in Luke 2:36-38 about Anna remind me that God isnt’ concerned about our social, economic or relational positions as much as He is our obedience to follow Him.

Even if we have long to wait.

May You ever help us keep our eyes fixes on Yours as we wait for You to show Yourself powerfully where You are about to move next, exactky where You are calling to join You.

#waitinghereforYou #pmprayers 

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