Getting to know one another…

​Opening up your heart to a new person (or pet) who has hurts and fears can be daunting when your relationship is just beginning…

You can either make tentative decisions and walk around each other on tippytoes, or take the smarter path: ask God how to best love them as they need to be loved.

My previous cats have all been rescues. The females all loved having a nest (aka kitty bed) to snuggle up in. The males have preferred to roam and sit wherever they would please.

Our new male kitty is preferring to stick close to whomever is home when we are awake. (Or food. Whichever is closer!) He has been very adventurous when we have all been asleep in ways we didn’t expect. 

But I have been praying and asking God how to help him settle in well with us. For him to choose to make his nest/home with us. To accept he is loved and be able to love us in return.

God has showed me several things to do which wouldn’t have normally come to mind. He needed meat as well as kibble, lots of litter, and small balls of yarn to carry around the house.

And they have worked.

Our newest family member still jolts when we drop something accidentally, or a siren suddenly sounds on the soundtrack playing in the room. But he has come a long way in three weeks, thanks  to God’s help, a little patience and a lot of love.

I wonder…do we need to do more of the same with our loved ones? Study them, and ask God to help us love them the way He desires us to, so they can become more whole and we become more wholly His as we do?

#pmponders #lovingeachother #bettertogether

Published by Karla Lees

sharing Hope on the hard days for the hurting, the broken and the lonely.

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