Last night, I got home to find our new addition to the family, our 1 year old cat Mr Rogers, wide-eyed and meowing as we all headed for bed at 11:20pm.

He cried until 1:45am.

Oh yes he did.

At 1:30am, I prayed one of those desperate prayers. The ones where you cry from your gut and invite God to move, to show you what is really going on. The ones you can hardly speak out loud when weariness waves over you.

God responded by telling me to feed him again.

So I did.

Then God whispered, “Head up to bed. He will cry a bit longer, but you need to train him to be alone at night.”

So I did. I trudged upstairs at 1:30am and crawled into bed, and kept praying the cat would stop crying or I would be able to tune him out and fall into a deep sleep.

I also prayed God would help me get up at 6:30am to start my day on time.

He did.

I have a bit of a lingering headache, the one that comes from a lack of sleep, but God has been keeping me alert and focused.

I am learning to trust Him in a deeper way as I come to realize just how much I need Him, every moment of every day.

Join me in praying your #onething to God today.

Mine is that He helps me nestle as close as I can to Him as He carries me though this day of double shifts, three meetings, and month end.

The remarkable thing?

He is always more than enough for whatever my need is each day!

oh how i need You

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