shooting for the middle of Your heart – hope for the hard days

There are days where I feel so alone, I find it hard to remember the truth.

You are always with me.

It’s the always I wrestle with, coz I don’t always like being around myself at times. 

This morning You reassured my heart as I warmed the cold car up and listened to “Middle of Your Heart” by For King & Country.

And You whispered into my spirit, “If I am shooting for the middle of Your heart, I would find myself there.”

You wear the scars to prove Your love for me on Your hands, Your side, Your feet.

Everything You would need to reach out or walk or embrace someone physically has the evidence of Your love for me on Your very person.

But that’s not all.

Your brow was pierced by the cruel thorns. Your back scarred by the fierceness and deliberateness of the whip.Your heart battered by the betrayal of one You loved, the blindness of those closest to You & Your separation from Your family when You died until You rose again.

You have the emotional scars which understand loneliness, deep hurt, and feeling misunderstood.

But the difference between You and I, Jesus?

All Your wounds have been 100% completely healed.

I am on the road for wholeness, but I haven’t arrived yet.

Which is why in my weaknesses, You reach down and remind me that You get it, and You’ve got me nestled right in the middle of Your heart.


If you too needed that word of hope on this hard day, thank Him.

But don’t stop there.

Invite Him to minister to the wound which needs healing or Your faith which needs to be built up. Allow His Presence to seep deep within, as He draws you into His heart and loves up on you.

By doing so, you by faith shoot right for the middle of his heart and will find Him there!

#howHelovesus #howineedYou #hopefortheharddays 

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