Scars show you are brave…

Right before bed last night, the thought came to mind, “What else do scars represent?”

So I pondered and prayed. Scars not only display His love, but our healing (as i shared about yesterday) and then it hit me….

Scars show our bravery.

Our scars remind us that although we know we may get hurt, our trust in our Healer can outweigh our fear of becoming wounded and experiencing pain again.

When we meet someone with many scars, we can know they have battled and overcome when:

1. Their wounds are scarring over.

2. They are praising God as they heal.

3. They are encouraging others to look for God to heal them in the very way they had been hurt.

Bravery doesn’t just rest in its own freedom, but stands up to injustice and calls others to join the battle to set the other captives free!

The outer evidence of bravery? Seeing a scarred warrior linking arms with a wounded friend, and helping them move to victory. Which only makes the wearer of the scars even more beautiful to their Healer!

In what area do you wear the most scars? Who can you help lead to their Lion, to find the healing and love they have been searching for? 

#pmponders #scarsshowyouarebrave

Published by Karla Lees

sharing Hope on the hard days for the hurting, the broken and the lonely.

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