​There have been many people who have prayed famous prayers over the years. The bible is filled with them. Abraham, Hannah, David, Jesus… just to name a few.

Tonight, the life group I lead focused on prayer. We prayed a prayer by Queen Elizabeth I, and then we read and put four well known prayers into our own words.

And it was awkward, which was the point of the lesson God taught us tonight.

We were meant to pray our own prayers. 

The ones which pour out of our spirits,  emotions and heart. The ones shaped by our highs and lows, hurts and celebrations.

Now praying the Word is not a bad thing, in fact I love to put my name in Psalm 139 and pray it over myself. I love to sing the Lord’s Prayer. 

But God loves it best when we offer ourselves up in prayer, honestly and in all the raw reality of wherever we are at.

There is no one else like you, did you know that? And no one else has your voice, or your way of expressing things through your filters of experience, words and feelings.

So the next time you go to pray, be yourself.

And if, like Hannah and myself, all you can do is lip synch at times coz you are sobbing or hyperventilating with the weight of your situation?


  • He hears you.
  • He remembers you.
  • He loves you.
  • He treasures you.
  • He is with you.
  • He will answer you.

Bring whatever you have.

Say whatever you need to.

Be you. 

That’s all He asks of you, besides coming to Him in prayer.

#beyourself #yourvoicematters

4 thoughts on “Be yourself in prayer

  1. Spot on. So beautiful.


    1. Thank you @christfollower85 🙂


  2. beehopper says:

    Beautiful. Simple. True. It is nice to know that the God of the universe hears my very own personal words and knows my heart.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Amen! Delighted you were blessed. 😎

      Liked by 1 person

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