My day has not passed as I expected today. There were tons of unexpecteds spread throughout my day.
↪The bus schedule changed.

↪I forgot my bus pass.

↪I caught a later bus but made it to work early.

↪Someone I normally don’t get to work with was working, so we got to work face to face versus virtually.

↪My popcorn was buy one, get one free – today only!

↪My inbox is 95% empty again.
My day was filled with interruptions – emails, phone calls, project work, meetings, billing, filing, with no real rhythm – apart from this:

1.  I asked God to help me go with His flow today.

2.  I gave up my desire to tightly grasp control today.

And today was a great day. 

Somehow I got more done than I expected despite all the interruptions!

What I have realized is that heaven’s clock doesn’t move in the same tempo as ours. It moves according to His heartbeat.

When we move in His flow, the overflow not only blesses us but the others we live, work and minister to.

Letting go makes room for more of Him within as we learn to move where He is already flowing.

#pmponders #gowithHisflow #followingHim 

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