​What makes you hungry?

When without it makes me grumpy, cranky and hangry, you know you are overdue your next meal.

But we were designed for more than just physical food.

  • We were made to digest the Word, and allow it to strengthen and bring us to life.
  • We were made to soak in the River, quenching our thirst as it allows us to deepen and grow.
  • You meant for us dine at Your table, be filled with Your food and drink, in Your Presence.

All are invited to come and taste just how good You are. 

To align our appetites to holiness. To be satisfied forever in You.

If you too find yourself hangry in spirit, crack open your Bible and feast on the Bread of Life. Drink  deep of His cup of love and peace. Know a fullness mere food cannot copy, no matter the ingredient nor preparation.

#pmponders #hungryforYou

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