​Surrender can be painful and freeing at the same time. Seeing how you are bound can be quite the heart skipping jolt, can’t it?

There is an 80s Loverboy tune I happened to hear the other night while driving which delivered quite the momentary shock to my system when Holy Spirit landed on me as I was listening.

The song was “Turn me loose,” and deals with the main character’s selfish desire to do everything their way, or no way at all.

With that realization, I gave over my desire to rebel and reject His ways, and invited God to turn me loose wherever I had been bound, into the freedom of places He may have in store for me.

Places I could not enter without His setting me free.

Places where He is now excited to lead the freed me.

Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom!

Turn me loose, Lord. 

  • For Your Kingdom. 
  • For Your Glory. 
  • Empowered by Your Spirit. 
  • Set free by Your blood. 
  • Led by Your grace & mercy.
  • Infused with Your love.

#isurrender #freedominYou 

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