I can’t remember exactly when I accepted the lie that it was better to be alone.

I know it was blaring loudly at me…

↪when my father unexpectedly died when I was quite young & my mom had to head out to work full-time

↪when I was molested as a preteen 

↪when my heart was stomped on in my first breakup

↪as a close friendship suddenly fizzled with no warning

↪while in a heated discussion with my hubby

↪whenever my kids didn’t want to spend time with me

↪when I felt left out & on the outside at work and church…

For years I built a hedge about my heart, trying to protected & keep myself safe.

Then Love broke through when He reached down to save me.

When I began to cry out and give my hurts to God, He slowly started revealing to me the power the lies we can believe and accept can have…some times without our even knowing we have aligned ourselves with them.

As He began ministering to my hurting heart, He awakened a desire for community & deeper connection. 

He led me to see how from the beginning, we were meant to connect with Him & one another. That love is worth the risk of hurts.

Although some days I still have my feelings hurt by others, He is helping me not take offense, quickly forgive & thank Him for the close family & friends I do have.

It took time in His Presence, in His Word, worshipping on my own & in community for this strong lie to break off. And when I let down my guard, I can hear its echo trying to entice me back into its snare. So I fight back with His truth.

We were designed for communion with God, and deep connection with others.

It’s time to bring the enemy lies into the light, and support one another as we battle together.

Join me this week as I share how God has been revealing truth to displace the lies which bound me for too long.

#bettertogether #truthoverlies

PS  This post was shared over at #TeaandWord Tuesday faithadventures.me

2 thoughts on “coming against the lie its better to be alone

  1. I absolutely love this post, though I am sorry for your loss and pains, friend. I too had to come against this lie after believing it all my life. Thanks for sharing you heart.


    1. thank you Meg. May He continue to heal His bride into wholeness! xo

      Liked by 1 person

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