This morning I let lose a roar of frustration mixed with fear as my newest cat decided to trip me two steps from the bottom of the stairs.

My second thought was “Is she okay?” before my body began to speak to me about its new aches and pains after recovering for the past 2 months from a nasty sinus bug.

But I surprised myself by being more concerned for my cat than myself.

That isn’t my norm, friend.

The only difference?

I have been asking God to fill in the places where I most lack with His Presence, His Spirit.

This afternoon got me wondering about this, and as I pondered, I realized something.

The gifts of the Spirit mentioned in Galatians 5? They reflect who He is.

And when we ask Him for those gifts? We are not only asking for more of His Presence within us, but for Him to shine through us and to enable us to show His characteristics and to react as He would.

This week, let’s explore who He is seem through each of the ways we need to be filled by Him each day – the gifts of the Spirit – so we can live a more fruit-full life..

#livinglife #fruitfull

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