My day started out more joyful than usual today…

  • I got an extra hour’s sleep
  • I was invited out for breakfast
  • I got to second hand shop and have coffee with my mom

But these things are only added bonuses to what I have found to be my daily source of joy.

You will fill me with joy in Your presence. Psalm 16:11 NIV

The Message translates this same verse into a way which shone a bright light onto my understanding of joy:

…all radiant from the shining of Your face.

Being in His Presence literally brigthens our day as we come near to Him.

Even when the washer unexpectedly stops, your cash runs out til your next pay day, your child starts throwing up, your pet dies, or any other sudden and/or bad news…

the good news is that God? He Himself is the source of our joy.

Coming into His Presence doesn’t immediately change our situation, but He can change our perspective as we allow Him into it.

We are reminded in the Word that asking for His joy in any circumstance can empower us.

…The joy of the Lord is your strength. Nehemiah 8:10

His joy strengthens us, so we are reminded of His love for us and how much we can depend on Him to be with us, no matter what.

Friend, if you like me find it hard to go with the sudden changing highs and lows of daily living?

Ask God to fill you up with His joy. Now, in both the hard, painful days and the wonderful, feeling blessed kind of days. For He is there with you in both, and that in itself is a great reason to feel joy!

#livinglife #fruitfull #Heisourjoy

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