Today was not an ideal day, but not gonna whine about it. Instead of doing my usual keep working straight through to get everything done, I listened  to the still small voice which told me to unplug and relax for a while with my fam. 

Its always amazing how much more I will get done in less time when I….

F ollow His lead.  

R elax to get more done.

E mbrace His Presence.

E njoy a deeper rest at the end of this day than I anticipated.

I am realizing that freedom doesn’t always look the way i think it should. I am so grateful God in His perfect wisdom and timing releases us into new seasons when we need them, and remains with us along the new paths we take.

And I am always free to choose to lay things down and let Him hold me as He guides and ministers to me. 🙌

#pmponders #free

One thought on “​SEASONS ARE A CHANGING.

  1. Evie says:

    Help me Father to hear that small voice so Evie doesn’t make a mess of things! Great post.


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