how kind You are, Abba.

I could never cease to give You thanks and praise, my Abba.

You shower me with kindness each and every day in so many ways.

A car person, my heart was heavy with grief when our family cat leaped into Your embrace mid December. Coming home to an empty house left me sleepless, stressed and sad.

You led a friend to post about an opportunity to rescue a cat or two that next weekend.

We met Mr Rogers through the door of his cat house, and didn’t get a full look at him until we let him out at home. His quiet gentle nature has helped heal our raw grief, and brought out our desire to care and love again. 

In Your kindness, You brought the perfect gentleman to our home.

Mr Rogers

Because we only found one cat that day, we thought we would remain a one cat family. Especially after missing out on adopting a second cat twice in a row soon after.

You knew better.

You helped Mr Rogers settle in quite well, but we could see he was lonely.

And then there were two.

Lady Jane

You knew we needed some spunk and passion to help us enjoy life again.

So You packaged Lady Jane with the perfect characteristics we needed, and Mr Rogers needed in a sister as well.

Our days are filled with our usual work and school, and now the antics of these two.

You knew that in order to heal, we need to decide to live. To accept the kindness You gift us with in all the small and big, the public and private ways which come from Your hand and heart.

Yesterday, You reminded me of Your kindness when You calmed me with the reassurance of Your Presence as we took Mr Rogers to the vet. It was something minor which could have been major, but in the moment of fear of losing another pet so soon – You met me. You filled with me with Your love anew, and kindly, gently calmed my fears.

Because he matters to me, he matters to You.

Because I matter to You, You will never stop expressing Your love and kindness towards me.

As I read Your Word and sense Your Presence, You continually keep pouring out Your heart and opening these eyes to Who You are.

Your kindness knows no bounds. And You will never stop showing each of Your children that loving kindness each and every day!

If you too need reassurance of His kindness, search His Word for His reminders for You to savour.

#kindness #fruitfulllife 

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