Last night was a wonderful evening of prayer at our church, connecting before the Throne, which closed with release and blessing on each person there. I went to bed feeling close to God.

This morning, my body has not been happy to get up. My neck is stiff, I have a headache, my shoulder aches, my tummy churning. But most bothering, a heightened sense of feeling alone. Like I am not never meant to fit in the crowd.

Once I sat down to have some quiet time, God reassured my soul with these words.

  • I am never alone. God is ALWAYS with me.
  • I don’t have to feel like I fit. 
  • I am forever His daughter.
  • I have a secure place in His Kingdom.
  • God has hardwired me to be the exact me for the purposes He is calling me to live out.

    My day has been full of ups and downs…ranging from a lovely encouraging text from a gal I go to church with, and laughing at lunch with my son, to behind in paperwork at work and prepping our taxes, with the headache still lurking below the surface.

    Through it all, I knew You were with me, for me, in me and around me.

    And I couldn’t have made it through this day without You. 

    So thank You for revealing Yourself again to this appreciative heart. Knowing who I am and how much You care for me is the truth foundation I can run to and unwrap each and again each day.

    #Godwithme #hopefortheharddays

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