Whenever my doubts and fears were out of control, the soothing comfort of Your Presence calmed me down and overwhelmed me with delight. Psalm 94:19 (TPT)


“How would you feel about trying your hand at something new?” one of my bosses asked me one day a few years ago. A Christian, he has a godly ability to see potential in his staff and call it into being. My first reaction wasn’t to say “thank you for believing in me” or “what an opportunity.” It was sheer stark terror!

I didn’t see what he saw, and was afraid of letting him down. My boss wisely asked me to think and pray about it, so I went home and did just that. All I could initially see was the challenge and increased potential for failure, not the new possibilities.

God spoke to me through the Word in my quiet time, reminding me He was with me, and that I can do all things in His strength, with His empowerment. I felt His peace, so despite my self-doubt, I said yes.

This new role involved writing, which I took to like a parched camel who finally rediscovered water! My boss’ obedience to hear God’s voice led to the reawakening of my slumbering love for writing and creativity. God wanted to reignite these gifts for me to use them, this time for His kingdom.

My obedience, despite my misgivings, was the match He was waiting for to rekindle my inner fire for Him!

What areas are you holding back giving over to Him today?
Do you too believe, as I used to, that your time for learning new things has passed?

God is the God of all things new, and He loves to use anyone willing to serve Him.

Everyone is fully usable in His Kingdom. It all depends on whether you allow Him to use you, not His ability to do so.

Join me in rediscovering the fire God wants to restart in all our lives! Make some time today to pray and ask Holy Spirit to highlight any gifts He wants to bring back into the forefront within you.

Worship song to sing back to Him today: Faith by Hillsong Worship

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