Let praise break forth like the sound of rushing waters. We seek Your face & worship You King. Your presence abides where praises abound! We lift up one voice as deep calls out to Your deep. In the place where Your love crashes over me, I will sing, I will sing, I will sing…. – @cfftoronto

I love learning a new song to sing, especially when it’s a worship song that speaks to my very spirit, yet has a nugget of new insight into the One I love.

The line “Your presence abides where praises abound” rocked me to my core when I first heard it, and still stirs me each time I proclaim it in worship. It reminds me of Psalm 22:3, “Yet You are holy, enthroned on the praises of Israel.” (ESV)

You reassure us several times throughout the Word of Your love for us, and Your constant presence with us. And I believe that with all my being.

Yet when I praise? I connect to You in a way I can hardly put into words. We become closer, connected more deeply. I know that I know I am Yours and You are mine. I see aspects of Your character more clearly in those moments, I sense Your voice as I tune in to Your heart, and I am changed in the encounter.

I have had those encounters in the privacy of my home and car, in the church congregation, while leading worship and in small groups, and most recently walking outside and on the bus commuting to work.

  • Have you hit a rough patch in your day?
  • Bills piling up?
  • Kids sick and whiny?
  • Deadline looming?
  • Missing someone you recently lost?

Take a moment, deep breathe, and praise Him for who He is. For what He has given you. For How much He loves you.

Praise Him in the now, and for all the ways He has shown Himself faithful in the past, to help bring His presence more fully into your future.

Let His praise break forth wherever His people are!

#singanewpsalm #worshiplife #praiseHymn

let praise break forth

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