This morning started off way earlier than I anticipated, and when I arrived at work, I felt a bit off kilter.

Someone blew up in a fit of frustration, and I could sense myself tensing up…. fearful this was going to be the mood for the day.

As usual, the verse which had jumped out at me as I was getting ready this morning not only met me in that moment of fear, but helped me put it into proper perspective.

Fear is only an emotion, and was never designed to be put in the driver’s seat of our lives.

Faith is.

↪Knowing that despite what you see, He has great plans for you.

↪Believing that no matter what you hear, He loves you.

↪Trusting, even when things don’t make sense, in the One who will never leave you.

Because our God?

He is faithful.

↪Our anchor, always holding in every storm that can come youe way.

↪Our foundation, the bedrock beneath our feet.

↪Our refuge, where we can find shelter in the swirling gales.

We will never fear even if every structure of support were to crumble away, even when the earth quakes & shakes, moving mountains & casting them into the sea…for the raging roar of stormy winds & crashing waves cannot erode our faith in You! – Psalm 46:2-3 TPT

#pressingin #faith

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