I have been sharing with you about how I feel like my life has hit a bit of a roller-coaster, and how I don’t like riding them.  Just like motion sickness, being too busy leaves me exhausted, drained and stressed out.

I recently tried to keep up with everything while covering coworkers shifts while they were on vacation or sick leave, and found myself unable to do so.

What I realized is I am not meant to do everything, nor can I do everything the way other people may want me to do them.

More shockingly to me was my realization that I no longer want to.

I find myself able to say no without an inner wince. Instead, I

But here is the second revelation I became aware of as of late:

  • I want to embrace my gifts.
  • I want to walk where He is calling me to walk.
  • I long to become more the me I was always meant to be.
  • I long to increase my margin so I can continue to write, worship and study the Word yet still work, both for my household and for the Lord.
  • My desire is to keep my focus on His plan for me, not my own.

And being run ragged isn’t allowing me to have the time to pursue that calling, which I believe every follower of Jesus has, when I am too busy holding on to Him for dear life over the things I need to let go.

So after much reflection, these are the things I need to do to become more me:

  1. First and foremost, I am forgiving myself for stepping onto the roller-coaster ride again.
  2. I am putting supports in place to ensure I eat 95% healthy every day.  Preparing food ahead of time so I don’t turn to fast food because I forgot to bring my lunch!
  3. Maintaining a daily quiet time, to study the Word, meditate on the verse which He draws me to, and worship Him.
  4. Writing on the week days, and apart from a few social media posts which I pre-schedule, taking every other weekend fully off of work. When I am done work every other Saturday, my Sabbath begins at sundown.
  5. Saying no when Holy Spirit prompts me to do so. Confidently, but kindly.
  6. Get enough daily rest, which for me is 7-7.5 hours a night.
  7. Do something active every day.
  8. De-cluttering my home so I feel more restful within it. De-cluttering my life so I feel more restful within.
  9. Embrace who He has made me to be wholeheartedly, without apology as I follow Him into more wholeness and walk out my purpose.
  10. Walking in freedom instead of regret.

How are you making more room for rest, purpose and intentional living in your life?

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free to be me



2 thoughts on “becoming free to be me

  1. Perfect❤ For me, I am beginning to read the Bible more and I am making sure I spend time having conversations with God!

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    1. thanks for sharing!!

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