​With Him, we can always have hope while being pressed between a rock & a hard place.

Yesterday, I grocery shopped and fully stocked my fridge and freezer. When I woke up this morning, I realized just as I was about to leave for work that my fridge was kaput. 

I didn’t have time to do anything more than warn the fam not to open the door until I got back from work, then I had to switch gears on the go. Without a full breakfast (coz my frozen fruit wasn’t edible) and a copier printer deciding to give ne a hassle, all I could pray was HELP.⠀

And He met me there. In all that hangry stressed out and pissed offness rolled into keeping it professional at work.⠀

Over the last few weeks, many people I know have found themselves in hard places and painful situations. Loss, grief, sudden unexpected changes, loneliness, fear, tears for hours on end. Sometimes, all flowing in and out in a seemingly endless wave of emotion.

Jesus gets it. Not only was He born into a time of turbulence and uncertainty, but His last week on earth had a close friend betray Him, the rest abandon Him, His people falsely accuse Him and hand Him over to the very ones oppressing them to be put to death. 

He suffered physically – beaten, bruised, wounded. 

He suffered emotionally – pain, loss, seeing His mother and loved ones crying for Him. 

He suffered spirituality – knowing His death on the cross served a purpose but would separate Him from His Abba.

But Jesus knew the other side of the events He was enduring.⠀

  • He knew Easter was coming.⠀
  • He knew resurrection was possible.⠀
  • He knew His Father was waiting.⠀
  • He knew Who He was.⠀
  • He knew Hope was alive even though all appeared to be lost.⠀

Are you too feeling squeezed between a rock and a hard place?⠀

  • Draw near to Him. Open the Word, play some worship music. 
  • Be honest about your feels. Yell. Cry. Write them out. However you need to, let them go.
  • Invite Hope into your situation. 
  • Ask Him to reveal Himself and show you the path to follow. 
  • Allow Him to calm the raging seas within.

Coz Jesus gets feeling betrayed. Hurt on purpose. Being thought of as strange. Missing connection with those He loves the most.

Reach out and hold on to the Hope who will never let you go.

And may He release something more fragrantly beautiful in and through you on the other side of this time of  pressing.

#hopefortheharddays #Hope

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