A few years ago, I had my second mild concussion. And have not felt quite myself ever since.

There were occasional days which were great physically, but more often of late it had mainly been hours at a time. With no apparent rhyme or reason, there have been regular instances of migraines, unexpected desires to nap, hives or swelling, and pain in my joints for no apparent reason. I will pass on sharing about the digestive issues. Suffice it to say, I am happy to leave those issues behind.

Today, after a long wait, I had a full gammit of food allergy testing.

And the results were not as surprising as I expected, after having some time to ponder them.

I am allergic to all wheats, rice, chocolate, milk, nuts, cinnamon, sesame and sunflower seeds, as well as citrus, salmon and pork.

And as many of these are usually eaten in combos, this makes complete sense to me why I felt so bad on days where I ate a few of these throughout the day.

Here’s the point.  I knew that I knew something was going on, and had prayed for God to heal it, and/or reveal it. I trusted that He would, and He has.

The allergist explained that sometimes traumas can heighten the immune system and bring underlying problems into full blown issues.

Despite several relatives with serious allergies, it never occured to me that I would be actually allergic and not just sensitive to these foods.

But God knew, and brought things into place so I could be made aware of them. I had a few suspicions but not the full picture.

I am actually relieved that this is something which is treatable, and that my symptoms can be prevented by avoiding these foods.

So I have to be more careful with what I eat, and plan ahead.

I am still me. 

Taking a new turn on this adventure may be a little difficult at times, but…

  • I know Who goes with me along the way.
  • I hear His voice guiding me on.
  • I sense His love for me.
  • I can rest knowing His plans for me are for my good, and they will come to pass as I follow Him.

If you too have come to an unexpected twist along your journey, join me in looking at it as a new adventure, instead of a trial.

Trust Him to reveal more of Himself and His ways to you along the way.

Will I miss a few of these foods? Yes.

Will I miss the negative feelings my body endures when I react to them? Nope.

Am I willing to not eat them until God heals me? Absolutely.

I chose to step forward in faith as I keep my heart & mind fixed on You – and not my circumstances. I place my hope in You, knowing You have never let me down before and believing You will continue to be all I need, always.

#iwillfollowYou #iwilltrustYou #hopeinHisPresence

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