This Mother’s Day is not exactly the day I was expecting this year.

The one who brought me into this world, my mom, is away on a trip of a lifetime this month. 

My eldest is pet sitting for my folks, and not home as often as I’d like.

I am dropping my baby off this afternoon to work up north for the next 4 1/2 months.

Wrapped up in all those emotions is my gratitude to my Father for 24 years of marriage today.

It is amazing to me how we can both be thankful and sad, happy and heartsick, all rolled together at the same time. Must be one slice of what it means to love like You do.

Thank you mom for being one of my biggest supporters. Always there when I need you, a great confident and prayer warrior.

Thank you to my children. I have loved almost every second of being your mom (not the vomit, sorry!) and love hanging out with you, whether car singing or laughing together over stupid movies. 

Thank you hubby for loving me to and through 24 years of marriage. You only get better with age, like a fine vintage wine, and I am excited to see what is up ahead for us. 

Thank You my Abba for Your love, grace and presence in my life. You  not only gave me the family I needed here on earth, You welcomed me with open arms into Yours, and continue to carry me close every moment since.

#motherday #celebratinglove #wearefamily #twentyfournmore

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