Today I am thank-full for many things, big and small. Here are the first five which come to mind tonight….

  1. I have peace my son is where he is supposed to be, where He wants him this summer. God’s timing was perfect.
  2. My daughter’s left hand, which I accidentally closed the car door upon yesterday in a freak accident (not my best mom moment), is not seriously injured, and is already 50% better than yesterday. Thanks God!
  3. When my set work hours fluctuate, God provides extra freelance work when I need it. He truly provides for us on a daily basis.
  4. I have not eaten any foods which I am allergic to today, and feel 10 years younger with more energy as I enjoy a few foods I had previously avoided until I knew for sure what I was reacting to. Coffee, eggs, salsa and corn – I am thankful for you, and the God who created them!
  5. Some of my brain fog and headaches, which my doc and I thought might still be related to my last concussion, may have been related to eating the wrong foods for me. I had no headache in the morning today. Thanks for that unexpected gift, God!

What are you thankful for tonight? Whether it’s a biggie or something which matters only to you, thank Him for it.

#pmponders #thankfull #inallthings #bigandsmall #howHelovesus

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