tis the season…

As I have been listening to what I believe God has been saying to me over these past weeks, I came to realize that I need much more “whitespace” – times of rest.

Which I have not been doing.

I had not seen the wisdom which comes from following His ways first, because all I could see was what was happening in the natural.

Get it done now, or it will never get done.

Idle hands aren’t godly hands.

Lies we tell ourselves to justify our busyness are still that….lies.

So as of today, I choose to obey.

And for me, that means that weekends will be as unplugged as possible.

It only took this sign catching my eye this morning for God to fully open my sight to the truth: I need to unplug from work, so that God can plug in and work His ways in and through me while I am at rest.

Resting in His Presence.

Resting in just being.


At rest.

So see you again on Monday, where we take up the AtoZofhowYoudefineme series with one of my F avorite sayings He speaks over me, and you!

PS> I bought this sign to keep as a regular reminder that unplugging can be good for me, when I plug in as He leads 🙂




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