When you lose another pet you absolutely adore due to a nasty immune/bacterial infection, I am learning its okay to let my tears flow as my heart takes another blow. 

Mr Rogers, you were my favorite gentlemanly cat ever, and I know you are purring away on Jesus’ lap right now, coz you are His favorite too.

I will be off line today giving myself time to grieve, mourn & cry. I believe Jesus cries with me, for what hurts me hurts His heart too out of His great love for me. He cried over the loss of Lazarus, because He knew the hurting that would be going on inside of Mary & Martha from their loss.

I got to hold my sweet kitty one lasy time last night, and reassure him that he was loved, he was my favorite and Jesus was waiting for him once he wakes up.

The same is true for all of us who believe in Jesus too. For we are all His favorite, and He longs for all of us to draw near & let Him love us right where we are at… even when we are broken hearted, runny nosed emotional blubbering wrecks.

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2 thoughts on “when grief unexpectedly hits, you are still His F avorite

  1. Suzanne Barbour-Medcof says:

    Hey dear friend!
    I know this is very hard and that he was such a good fit for your family.
    I thought if this this morning;……God saw his time left and chose the most loveable person he could find to send him( Mr Rogers) back to the one that created him.
    Lord Jesus please be with my friend Karla and her family , put your arms around her and give her comfort and strength beyond her imagination.
    Thank you father that you care about all things.
    In Jesus name Amen

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