There are times when I don’t want to let my light shine.⠀

Not as often as I used to hide, too concerned about offending or ticking someone off. Unsure about what to say if a person asked why I was being so kind/nice without it sounding cheesy or rehearsed.⠀

I wasn’t ask concerned with how God thought about my hiding away until His love shone through and highlighted the hidden places within me, bringing this into the light.⠀

He reassured me that He is enough. 

  • Always able to guide those who wander. 
  • Always willing to share His wisdom and insight with God seekers. 
  • Always bringing light to push back the darkness, revealing truth and healing us up.⠀

You and I can be His lights because we know how dark life can get when we can’t see Him. Imagine not knowing and having our assurance that He is with us through every season and storm.⠀

God wants us to shine as His lights wherever we go… for the Light prefers to use the human touch to reach the lost, the broken and wounded… the ones unable to see Him through the darkness around them.

God isn’t looking for perfection, but obedience. So lets let our light shine brightly as we trust the One shining though us as He calls the wanderers Home.⠀

#lightoftheworld #shine #AtoZofhowYoudefineme

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