Hi friend,

I have had a few comments over the past month as I have been sharing the A to Z of how God defines us on the weekdays.

Several have commented they hope I am doing okay.

I am.

Life is good.

God is with me.

But many days, the swells of loss, pain, and unkind words spoken to me try to smother and hide the truth of who I really am from me.

And I suspect, many of you as well.

Which is why digging into the Word, listening for His voice and spending time reflecting on His perspective are so needed each day in each of our lives.

As I wrap up this series next Saturday, I can honestly say that being reminded and reassured of His love, and how He sees me has brought me a great deal of comfort and boosted my faith.

Which is why I write. To interact with the Word and the God who crafted it for us. 

So no matter what comes my way, I can truly say, “Life is Good.” But its better than good because God walks closely with me through whatever life brings me.

Stay tuned Monday for U won’t want to miss the last 6 ways He defines us!

#lifeisgood #hopefortheharddays #AtoZofhowYoudefineme 

2 thoughts on “almost there…

  1. Rene Hargett says:

    I for one have appreciated every single post of A-Z of how GOD defines us. I’m beyond grateful at HIS using you to teach, encourage, comfort & to remind us of just how much GOD loves us. Your study has brought me through a truly difficult season. I think I’ve cried through most of them, while thanking GOD for you. May an abundant measure of HIS Grace, prosperity, blessings, peace & HIS Presence be added to you dearest Kari πŸ€—πŸ™πŸ½β€οΈ

    Liked by 1 person

    1. aw thank you Rene!! Delighted you are being blessed! xo


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