I often look at the outdoors, and marvel at His handiwork:

  • The magnificance of still waters against a backdrop of forest.
  • The warmth of the sun, the puffiness of the clouds, the wonder of each blade of grass and flower. 
  • The trill of bird song, the scampering of squirrels, the hum of bees.

I catch a glimpse of my daughter’s freckled, my hubby’s smile and my kitten’s glittery golden eyes… and I am reminded that they too are Your handiwork.

Then You softly speak this truth again to my soul – I too am Your workmanship!

But unlike nature’s beauty or the diversity of the animal kingdom, I was handcrafted by You as You made me in Your image.

Wow. The wonder of that truth is still echoing within me tonight.

When You made the world and everything in it, You spoke, “It is good.” 

After You made Adam & Eve, it was very good.

Made on purpose by my Maker for the purpose for which He made me.

Mind bogglingly amazing, that God handcrafts each one of born here on earth, from the moment of conception!?!

The next time someone tries to tell you that you don’t matter, look them square in the eye as You share the truth- we are both made by Him, as His workmanship!

#madebyHand #workmanship #hopefotheharddays #AtoZofhowYoudefineme 

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