​What are YOU wearing, darling? – Edna Mode, the Incredibles movie.

Yesterday, I had a front row seat to tempers flaring in a road rage over a miscommunication, ascerbated by raised fingers and hurled insults.

God whispered clearly to me as I saw this incident unfurl, “This is my child.” about each of the parties involved.

And I instantly knew what He meant!

When we respond in anger, we are essentially knocking His image as represented in our target.

If they too respond in anger, they do the same.

When we do so? We have forgotten to clothe ourselves in His love, and that we are to go out and do the same.

A heavy impacting message in the 3 minutes it took for this incident to end yesterday evening.

And it didn’t end how I think it might have had I not intervened in prayer.

I immediately prayed for the recklessly speeding driver to be brought to slow down without killing himself or anyone else with his car.

Not even a minute later, he clipped the front end of the car he abruptly cut off as he wove through traffic, causing damage to the front of his and the other cars. 
I suspect God used my prayers to show this driver grace, and His correcting love. For it is a sheer miracle neither driver was killed.

Had the tempers not flared while ego flames been stoked, and had both parties been wearing love, as they treated one another with respect – this whole scenario might not have occurred.

This afternoon, I shared with a close friend about my sense about a concern I have, and how I want to be honoring as I handle it.

God highlighted the event last night and the verse from today in Colossians 3:12-13 to remind me that not only does His love fill me, it is to flow through me to others through ny interactions, reactions and actions.

So my reflection question for everyone tonight – what ARE you wearing?

  • The coat of insisting you are always right?
  • The robes of pride or self righteousness?
  • The hat of indignation?
  • The cap of strike then flight?

Or the overalls of love, as He intended for His beloved to wear over all the other spiritual clothes He has designed for us!

#howHelovesus #wearloveoverall

2 thoughts on “wearing love overall

  1. Rene Hargett says:

    This was soooo good❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks Rene 🤓


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