how He loves us so…

​As I ponder how much each and every one of us are loved by God, it blows my mind!

Did you know…

❤YOU are the apple of His eye? 

😙His precious handiwork?

🌼His beloved?

😃The one He will never stop loving, no matter what?

🕪That God sings over you?

😅How much God longs to bless you?

(ps. all these are based on actual bible verses🤓)

📖His Word is jammed packed with how much He loves you & I, poured out in black and white (and maybe red letters) for anyone who can read to see.

🌱His artistry in creating the world about us, each type of animal, plant, season, sky, sun, moon, stars, clouds, sand, mountains, lakes, oceans… is on display for all to see.

♬I have been struck recently by just how many worship songs there are expressing His love for us in ways that captivate my hearing.

As this week’s theme, #howHelovesus draws to a close tonight, I want to encourage you to…

✔Dig deeper into the Word to see the many different ways He mentions His love for you there.

✔Take some time to gaze and marvel at the wonder He has created, for those He loves to enjoy!

✔Search up “how God loves us lyrics” on Google and discover a new love song for Him to sing over you.

PS. 🎤Two of my all time fave worship songs about how much He loves us are “Pieces” by Amanda Cook, and also sung by Steffi Gretzinger (Bethel Music) and “Fierce” by Chris Quilala (Jesus Culture).♩

#howHelovesus #lovesong #hopefortheharddays 

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