​God’s kingdom welcomes the child-like with open arms.

Not because they exhibit childish behaviors, but because of their uncanny ability to see and speak the truth, and their complete focused attention when they zero in on something or someone they are interested in.

Like Jesus.

Who is not only our King, but God’s son.

His child.

Just as we who follow Jesus are now God’s children. Part of His forever family.

And anyone who comes to the realization that they are His?


  • To come to Him. 
  • To be in His Presence. 
  • To sit at His table. 
  • To hang out with Him. 
  • To be touched by Him. 
  • To be heard by Him. 

All of these blessings and so much more are available to His children residing in His kingdom. Now and always.

I believe Jesus fully embrace being His Son, and so is able to fully embrace us as His siblings in the Kingdom.

After making the way clear for us to enter, Jesus reminds us in Matthew 19: 13-15 to not to block or hinder anyone who want to come to Him as His child.

Not only do we see this here in this example of actual children approaching Him, but the heart sick, physically ill, bound, mentally unwell, unclean & poor in spirit?

He welcomed all who sought Him, and not only met their immediate need but also offered each the gift of entering into His kingdom!

Good news, indeed!

#Kingdomcome #homecoming #howHelovesus

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